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The founder of Test & Tag Karratha was born in Dampier and raised in the beautiful coastal city of Karratha. This business was founded on the back of 40 years of experience in highly efficient test and tag services and our roots were first forged in the mining industry.

Since we opened up shop, all those decades ago, our purpose was to run a business that draws on a passion from safeguarding health, safety, environment and quality standards for local small and medium businesses. While we know that we are advancing the cause of the local economy, we also know that our work plays a big role in giving back to the community.

And we’re happy to! This is only one of many reasons why we take pride in what we do and our insistence on doing it with consistent professional flare. Test & Tag Karratha rates are highly competitive, and you will get what you paid for, if not more.

About our company founder – Ryan

Ryan’s family are long-term locals of Karratha and the Pilbara region. He is a heavy-duty fitter by formal trade and an OHS professional with over 15 years mining experience with international best practice in his skill set. Ryan started this business because he developed uniquely intuitive testing and tagging for the small to medium businesses within the City of Karratha.

Core company values

Industry-leading professionalism

The best quality solutions

Real value
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Giving back to the community

Why choose us?

Test & Tag Karratha focuses on enhancing equipment and safety systems in your workplace and operation. We do this by providing regular and reliable testing that safeguards you against the potential of significant risks to health and safety. Things like testing electrical equipment according to Australian Standards, can play a big role in ensuring their safe use and your company’s compliance. If Test & Tag Karratha finds faulty systems, they are no longer safe to use and the item will be tagged out of service and should not be used unless they can be repaired or disposed of. Test & Tag Karratha conducts inspections, testing and tagging to the relevant Australian Standards and we’ll list them below:

Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment – Australian Standard 1851:2012
Industrial Fall-arrest Systems testing – Australian Standard 1891.4:2009
Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment – Australian Standard 3760:2010
Lifting Equipment Inspection – AS 1353.2:1997 Flat Synthetic Webbing Slings, AS 3775.2.2014 Chain slings & AS 1666.1:2009 Wire-rope slings

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