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Industrial working environments require extensive safety inspection support to ensure that everyone on-site is kept safe. This includes the work of testing and tagging heavy lifting equipment like chains, shackles, clutches, component fittings, lifting devices and wire ropes. However, this is highly technical work that can only be carried out by specialists in safety assessment. It also requires very special tools and equipment like a 100-tonne truck and so much more. Test & tag Karratha is a local expert in this regard, and we are available to give you all these assurances at your earliest convenience. Competent equipment testers

When should lifting equipment be inspected?

Australian Standards outline that industrial chain slings for lifting require inspection every six months or more if subjected to severe conditions and usage. You can protect your staff from major failures and any property damage in a significant way if you invest in regular testing of this equipment. Equipment that is susceptible to high-risk or hostile conditions needs to be certified by a competent person with a current test tag attached. Modern test & tagging support is highly efficient and very effective in keeping your company compliant.

You’re welcome to give us an opportunity to show you all of these benefits and more. Test & tag Karratha is an expert when it comes to inspection, testing, workplace safety guidelines, tagging and safety reporting in Pilbara. In the world of industrial safety needs, you can also call on us to test & tag fall-arrest system efficiency. Our team strictly follows Australian Standards and regulations and is in compliance with Work Health & Safety Legislation.

Benefits of testing & tagging lifting equipment

Test & Tag Karratha offers tailored lifting equipment inspection services, and we can keep you up-to-date with the latest requirements in line with frequencies set by Australian Standards. You may just be calling us in for an inspection job, but we can also help to lessen the burden of future management with a schedule best suited for your equipment and environment. This, and other systems typically used on an industrial site, will need regular testing and tagging to make sure that they are still fully capable of producing these results. You can rely on us for all of the following and more:

Why choose us?

Test & Tag Karratha was founded by an expert that has a comprehensive understanding of how the lifting industry operates. With roots in the mining industry, you can come to us to find an expert in high-risk service solutions that exceed the Australian safety regulations which govern it. The work that we do is intended to play a critical role in incident prevention but with a business-focused model of service.

Customer Commitment

The client’s best interest remains the foundation that guides our service support and guidance. Everything we do will be driven by our values and professional ethics. Not only will we protect our clients by holding ourselves accountable to the highest Australian standards, but the requirements of your unique needs too.

Best test & tag talent around

We never stop improving our skills and knowledge. That means we invest in regular and required training for every member of our team to better position them to meet client expectations.

Ongoing maintenance and inspection of lifting equipment

We don’t just plan to provide once-off support. You can keep relying on us to maintain your lifting equipment in the long term. It is the nature of risky industrial environments that calls for high-frequency inspections and testing. Safe and successful lifting operations are those that are regularly tested and tagged.

Improved safety compliance

Test & Tag Karratha will improve the safety compliance of your industrial premises – and that is without a doubt. As long as you are doing business with us, you will have access to skilled safety equipment experts that will keep you up-to-date and protected.

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